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Building stories with Realiser

How does Realiser work?

It’s simple.

By completing a quick form, users provide the outline details of a property transaction that they have been involved in and want to promote; the address, size of the building, the parties involved along with a few details about the deal.

When the form is completed, they make a payment and then press the send button.

It’s that easy.

Realiser’s algorithms then sort out the information that has been provided and automatically generate a news story. The document is automatically submitted to a human being (a member of our team with experience of writing news stories, optimised content and press releases) for checking, editing and improvement where necessary.

Once this is done, the user is then supplied as a Word Document that is suitable for use as a news release to be sent to the media and/or used online as content on a website, adapted a blog or on social media.

It's fast, efficient and cost-effective. And it gives users more time to get on with the more important aspects of their job.

If needed, Realiser's team can even help to promote the story when it is published.

Watch the short video below about Realiser by clicking the play button.