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Realiser, the content creation engine. 

Building stories. Creating content. 

Using technology to write press releases and news stories about commercial property deals and transactions.

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Realiser is an automated content creation engine that allows property professionals to generate news stories about commercial property transactions, with the minimum of effort.

Based on decades of experience in writing news stories and press releases for the property media, Realiser has been developed to bring the benefits of advanced software and algorithms to the world of property marketing and publicity.

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Using a combination of automation and human interaction, Realiser converts information regarding commercial property transactions into news stories.

These stories are produced by Realiser in the form of news releases, making them suitable for issuing to the press or adaptation as online publicity material or social media content - helping to raise the profile of property professionals, businesses or developments and real estate projects.

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When the details of the deal have been entered via a simple form, Realiser’s creation engine automatically, quickly and efficiently produces a concise and succinct news article about the transaction.

Once it is checked and edited by one of our team, it is sent to you as a Word Document, ready to be used as part of your publicity and communications strategy. The story can be used as a news release, online content, adapted as a blog or form part of a social media campaign.

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How does Realiser work?

Realiser has been developed over many years, having evolved from an internal agency tool created to assist with streamlining the writing of news releases for commercial property transactions.

The process is simple. A user completes an online form with details of the property and the transaction (location, size, lease or sale, etc). A small payment is made and the form submitted.

Realiser's algorithms then create a draft news release. This is then checked and edited by one of our team before the document is emailed to the originator.

The news release is then ready to be issued to the press, placed on your own website or adapted for use on social media. To discover more, follow this link: How Realiser works.