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Building your profile in the property market

How Realiser helps to build your profile.

Our aim is to make the process of producing news stories about property transactions as quick and efficient as possible - helping to get news about real estate transactions into the public domain and raising the market profiles of property businesses, buildings and real estate projects.

Based on decades of experience in the commercial property market, Realiser has been designed to enable information about a property sale or letting to be easily submitted and turned automatically into a news article. This involves entering a few details of the transaction into a form and then submitting them. Our software then sorts the data and produces a draft article.

Once the article has been checked by a human (and edited if necessary) it is emailed back to the originator as a Word Document, ready to be used.

While the articles are produced as news releases about transactions that are ideal for issuing to the property publications and local media, they are also suitable for use as news items on a website which can also be adapted for use as blogs or distributed on social media.

Why not try it for yourself?