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Content and inbound marketing in commercial property

The use of valuable content on a website is a concept that is growing in importance within the commercial real estate market and is seen as a key element of a publicity and communications strategy.

Content marketing, also referred to as inbound marketing, is a popular technique of generating new business opportunities for companies and involves using their websites as publishing platforms for valuable and relevant content which drives and attract visitors and encourages engagement, helping to build relationships.

Utilising website content AS PART OF YOUR new business STRATEGY

The approach of using a website as a publishing platform with relevant content, taking advantage of Content Management Systems (CMS) technology commonly used for modern websites, is vastly different to the tactic of simply having an online version of a corporate brochure to promote a business and relies on the regular production of fresh content.

In the context of the commercial property sector, agents, developers, asset managers and investors that use news regarding commercial property transactions online often enjoy a competitive advantage over their rivals.

However, content and inbound marketing also take advantage of other technologies to attract and drive visitors to the website. The technologies in question include social media and blogging platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, along with the more traditional methods of email and newsletter distribution. Content marketing also encompasses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with content that is aimed at harnessing the power of Google and its competitors. What is common among all these platforms and technologies is the ability to share content and to create links back to a website or specific web page.

Central to the success of this strategy is a supply of content. While content can be repurposed depending on the platform or technology that is employed to distribute it, it is the regular supply of fresh, new content that is often a stumbling block. This is why news is so important and why businesses that have a supply of new stories that they can publish have a competitive advantage over others who do not.

In markets such as commercial property, which is driven by the exchange of data regarding properties and property transactions, the publication of news should be embraced as part of any publicity or marketing strategy to grow a business.

And yet, many commercial property businesses do not publish news stories. So why is that?

Our experience tells us that, while there remains a reluctance by some to be transparent with transaction information, others do not have the resources, know-how or time to spend creating and distributing their news. They know it makes sense, and they know it will benefit their business, but somehow the day job always gets in the way!

This is where Realiser can help. It provides a fast and cost-effective solution to taking the basic information about a transaction and transforming it, rapidly, into a news release, which has been optimised for use online, that can be issued to the press or simply posted to a website and shared on social media platforms.